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EC Mahbub Talukdar puzzled in his own voting center




Having found no polling agent of the opposing party made EC Mahbub Talukdar highly disappointed

Sunday at 9.30 am he went to his nearby vote center, Ispahani Girls High school. There he discovered such a scenario . At this particular circumstance, he doubted the lucidity of National parliament election 2018 saying,  

“Ask your consciences how efficient this election was! I noted several complaints from this morning about vote rigging and ballot stuffing. Solely, as a commissioner I am not alone to be held responsible for it.  The whole committee should be accountable.”

After voting he walked to the reporters and said “I said it earlier that you all know it better than me how authentic the election was”

In a short written note he passed this message to the nation,

A free, unbiased, authoritative election is the basic right of a citizen. It should be trustworthy and universally accepted. For that, every relatable individual should play their own role according to the law. Perhaps, I would request everyone to come to the polling centers out looking all fears and allurement. Vote your preferred candidate for the sake of democracy”   


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