Salahuddin Ahmed may seek political asylum in India

প্রকাশঃ May 16, 2015

Bdmorning Desk:

An Indian local newspaper reported quoting the country’s high official was saying that, BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed may seek political asylum in India.

“There are already talks of his seeking political asylum in India thereby strengthening the theory that Ahmed was trying to run for his life in Bangladesh,” reports the shilling times.

“We cannot confirm the kidnapping theory as we have not interrogated him thoroughly since he is a heart patient,”

Shilling Times quoted the East Khasi Hills SP M. Kharkrang as saying, “However, two personnel from Special Branch of Meghalaya police quizzed him for two hours at the hospital on Thursday, but they could not gather anything new as the politician maintained whatever he had already told the media.”

According to the media report, Ahmed thanked Indian Government for giving him medical treatment and shelter, it is not clear whether he will be seeking political asylum in India since he is hunted by the Government forces in Bangladesh.

A senior home department official said that the BNP leader can seek political asylum in India provided that he writes to the Centre citing that he is harassed by the Government forces, the report says.

Earlier, during the day, several media persons from Dhaka and Kolkata arrived in Shillong and waited to meet Ahmed, but in vain as police did not give them permission.

Indian police have also confirmed that the Bangladeshi citizen, whom they have arrested on illegal entry into Shillong, capital of India’s northeastern state of Meghalaya is Salah Uddin Ahmed, a former Bangladeshi parliamentarian.