Walton manufacturing world quality nuts, bolts and screws

প্রকাশঃ January 16, 2018

Bdmorning Desk-

The local electronics giant Walton is manufacturing world-class nuts, bolts and screws, which are known as fasteners in engineering sector and also as industrial solutions in modern business, at its own factory at Chandra in Gazipur.

The local brand also planned to export these industrial solutions after meeting their internal demands.

According to Walton authorities, an advanced factory with sophisticated machineries has been set up in 2017 on 52,000 square feet lands for manufacturing international standard nuts, bolts and screws at Walton Hi-Tech Industries.

Mentionable, fasteners are one of the most important materials in different manufacturing industries like furniture, automobiles, electrical and electronics appliances etc. These are used to hold more than one object together or for making strong bonds which are not broken even at high amount of pressure. Thus the uses of highest standard fasteners are very much important for the products’ long-term durability.

They said, the annual production capacity of this unit is around 1800 tons whereas Walton uses about 360 to 400 tons fasteners annually to manufacture its wide ranges of hi-tech appliances.

Thus, the local brand planned to use the full production capacity by supplying the rest 1300 tons to the local and overseas companies, they said.

In this regard, primary discussion between Walton and some of local furniture, bicycle, motorcycle and kitchen appliances manufacturers have been taken place, they said adding, the local entrepreneurs were also expressed their satisfaction on the start of local production of world-class nuts, bolts and screws that might cut down their present import bills.

Walton have already discussed with some other overseas companies to export its produced fasteners, they said.

Prihish Kumar Saha, head of Screw RnD (Research and Development) Department of Walton, said, they are producing different types of fasteners at Walton nuts, bolts and screws manufacturing unit, including self tapping and self drilling screws of 2 to 10 millimeter (mm) diameter and 5 to 75 mm length, hexagonal and alien bolts of 8.8 and 10.9 grades, machine screws and hexagonal nuts.

He said they installed Taiwanese dies and machines in the production line. In addition, they are following world’s latest production process like wire drawing; spheroidize annealing; pickling, phosphating and metal soap treatment (PPM); cold forming; heat treatment and electroplating.

Walton screws and bolts are made of high quality boron alloyed steel whereas nuts are made of highest standard carbon steel.

Saha also informed that 100 percent heat treatment furnace is used in Walton fasteners. To assure internal standard, world’s latest German and US technologies testing equipments like stereo microscope, metallurgical microscope and micro hardness are installed at the research and development center.

They conducted the structural test of the produced fasteners through magnifying these up to 1000 times with the metallurgical microscope. Also, hardness of the produced fasteners are tested with micro hardness equipment. Passing through a test of 96 hours salt spray, Walton fasteners have excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use.

Meer Mujahidin Islam, head of compressor RnD of Walton, said that there are six types of screws used in a compressor. If the threads and the scaling of these screws are not accurate or up to mark, there will be a possibility of leakage in the compressor. Earlier, Walton used Italian screws in the compressors, he said adding, but now they are producing European standard screws.

Uday Hakim, senior operative director of Walton Group, said there are huge demands of fasteners in the world market. Many renowned overseas companies are outsourcing fasteners to produce their respective products.

By producing world-class fasteners in Bangladesh, he said, Walton has brought the country’s engineering sector one step ahead.